Donal Coade

I was in severe pain about 2 months ago and was so desperate to get physio that I asked for recommendations on Facebook . Several came in and most were unavailable when I tried their number or didn't have appointments available for a few days. As I was in so much pain I left messages on their phones or text them. Cathal had been recommended by several and to my amazement he text me back late on fri night saying that he could see me the following morning as he could tell by my text that I was in severe pain. I went to him the first day and he loosened me up very well, but I was still in pain. He gave me exercises to do and come back the following Monday. He used an infra red machine and manipulated my neck back to the position it should be due to my posture. He explained that the pain was coming from a totally different area to the source and when I did these exercises I would feel much better. I booked another appointment for one week later and by the time that day arrived I was feeling 10 times better and the next one was two weeks after that. The next one is a month a my own request. The reason I mention the amount of times is to emphasize how good this guy is, he will only bring you back if he knows you need to go to him , he is not a money grabber. He defo knows his stuff, he is fully qualified and fully certified and a really good and decent bloke. The reason I did this testimonial was not because I was asked to do it but because I wanted to do it. Professional people like Cathal all too often don't get the credit they rightfully deserve. Thanks Cathal, I look forward to our next session.

Mark Brady

I have been a regular visitor to Cathal for various treatments for a few years now and I couldn’t speak highly enough of him. In my opinion he is one of the best in his field. You won’t find a more accommodating man who has taken appointments with me at short notice or even late at night in order to get me fit and ready for my upcoming games. Two years ago I was involved in a road accident and suffered with neck and back pain but thanks to Cathal’s perseverance through his ever evolving treatments I am now pain free in my day to day life which has allowed me to resume my sporting career. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a friend or family member as I know they couldn’t be in better hands. Thanks a million Cathal and good luck in all your endeavors. I’m sure I’ll still see plenty of you with my tendencies to pick up a football injury 😉

Niall Mitchell

Westmeath County Hurler

There is nothing worse than picking up an injury in the middle of or near the end of the Championship season. Cathal, with both physiotherapy and the use of his state of the art technology, ensured that my injury would not prevent me from missing these knockout games. In a relaxed environment, I was put through an intense program, with signs of improvement straight away, which soon lead to complete recovery from the injury

Dayna Carrigy Muldarry

I first attended Cathal the end of October 2018 after a car accident in August which I suffered muscle sprain in my back and neck. Having attended two other physio's I felt I needed to go elsewhere and that's when I heard about Cathal. At first I thought attending a male physio would be awkward but from the very first day Cathal made me feel welcome and comfortable. First physio session was so thorough he made sure to get every detail needed and was so professional. He explained so much in great detail for me making my injuries easier for me to understand I learned so much about muscles that I never knew. He has been so accommodating and is always willing to fit me in as soon as he can. He provided me with a great programme to work on at home which I found so good and any question I had Cathal was quick to respond to messages. Football is everything to me and after missing games that ment so much to me last August/September due to my injuries Cathal made sure that I wouldn't miss out this year he has helped me to get back into what I love. I highly recommend Cathal and can not thank him enough for all he has done. My husband has also attended him and within two sessions had him sorted. We both without a doubt will be attending Cathal for any maintenance or niggle that we have. Thank you again Cathal I really appreciate all you have done and especially listening to all my complaining